Sennheiser HD518 Audio Over Ear Headphones Review

sennheiser hd518 audio over ear headphones review

The Over-Ear Sennheiser HD 518 offers excellent wearing comfort thanks to its super-soft head and ear cushions which ensures long listening experience. In this Sennheiser HD518 audio over ear headphones review we detail key standout features, Pros and Cons.

This model is definitely suitable for use on the hi-fi system. Although a plug adapter is included in the package for connection to the MP3 player or smart phone. The plug and adapter are seven centimeters long, and the three-meter cable disturbs the listening of music on the go.

The Sennheiser is only available in the color black, but it looks pretty chic with its grid design on the ear cups. The solid framework is very impressive and noticeable even from a distance

Sennheiser HD518 Audio Over Ear Headphones Review – Key Features

Sound Quality

As regards sound quality, the HD 518 was convincing, the Sennheiser sounded natural and did not make a fuss with high triangle tones or basses. Basically, the bass but sometimes a bit thick, but acceptable, the heights are sometimes a little underexposed – but that is whining at a high level. We noticed that the Sennheiser also plays loud enough any device


The Sennheiser is really very comfortable. This is due to both the velvety ears and the temple, which can be adjusted well. The headphones are quite large and surround the ears perfectly. We really liked that. The headphones are robust and stable, the materials are just for the price. Overall, this is a solid headphone in this category.

Add-on Features

The box includes the headphones and a 3.5 mm adapter, so that the Sennheiser can also be connected to an MP3 player or smartphone. That is not necessarily lush at this price. The special feature of this model is certainly its quite comfortable ear cushion.


Performance of this model is quite good, but the price is a little steep, especially if you look at the equipment list. Recent pricing and deals here on

Conclusion: great fit and good sound have their price

The Sennheiser was basically designed for mobile use, but we believe that it can show its full strengths only on the hi-fi system. Here has a great sound and an optimal cable length. Also, the seat and the processing we liked, we can not say that from the pricing. We award 138 out of 5 stars for the Sennheiser. At Amazon we currently have 0 (not yet) customer reviews, which give an average of 0 (not yet) stars.

  • High wearing comfort
  • Optimal adaptable to your own head
  • Balanced sound
  • Removable cable
  • Pricey
  • No color selection available
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