Bose AE2 Review: Buyers Guide

Bose AE2 ReviewIn this Bose AE2 Review, we will giving you useful information that will guide you in your choice of headphones. This is an old but gold product listing from our noise cancelling headphones reviews, so if you are looking for a good, high quality headphone, this is a good place to start. Why are Bose AE2 audio headphones such an instant hit among several users- music junkies, DJs, professionals, studios, young and old alike? Well the reasons are not far fetched. It has a high quality audio performance that is immersive, with comfortable ear cushions that allows for relaxed and extended listening sessions. Hi-Tech design and durability among several others.

This headphone is cheaper than its noise cancelling alternative, Bose AE2i (your can read our Bose AE2i review here)  but it is not by any standard inferior. It has a great acoustic performance, with a clean and clear bass output. Though this is not the type of headphones you want to use if you do a lot of flying, the noise reduction option will be a better fit for that purpose. This is an upgrade to the Bose AE1 but they weight about the same but more comfortable to wear.

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Bose AE2 Review Standout Features:

Sound Quality

Bose AE2 headphones, with their advanced proprietary TriPort® acoustic design, deliver quality sound production that is unmatched by other conventional headphones. This headphone produces an audio output with balanced tones with deep lows. This is only available from Bose. It features a Bose acoustic equalizer which tweaks the frequency response of Bose AE2 headphones giving you exceptional audio quality.

It gives you smoother sound output throughout its entire frequency range, irrespective of your audio device whether you are listening at home or on the go.


Its improved, close fitting ear cushions give you a relaxed, comfortable fit. In this model, the cushioned headbands have been crafted to distribute weight more evenly across your head, thus guaranteeing longer periods of comfortable listening. The ear cups are designed to allow for a comfortable fit.

Quality and Design

They are collapsible providing for easy storage and portability. The audio cables are attached to an ear cup giving you greater freedom of movement. The audio cables are also completely detachable for easy and convenient storage. Around-ear headphone design features close-fitting ear cups that are generously padded and designed to effectively plug the space between the headphone and the user’s ears thus offering you both comfort and a great performance.

Sturdy design with adjustable headband allows for adjusting the length up to 3 inches. Fold-flat ear cups which allow portability and easy of storage. The audio cables are detachable which makes for less tangling and afford you greater freedom of movement. It also has a drawstring carry bag for convenient storage and portability.

Bose AE2 Headphones comes in two variation, one comes with mic and there  is another without it. Depending on what your needs are, the headphones are designed to meet every customer preference. Also there are two color variations of this of Bose AE2 headphones, black and white.


As as when this Bose AE2 review was written, this are the applicable prices of this product on Amazon.
New cost about $150
Used cost about $70 (approximately 50% discount)
Refurbished cost about $130
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What’s in the box

• Bose AE2 audio headphones with detachable cable
• Drawstring nylon carry bag


• The TriPort TriPort acoustic design allows for high quality sound production.
• Improved, close fitting and well padded ear cups for comfortable extended listening sessions.
• Adjustable headband for more comfortable fit
• Flat-folding ear cups that is easy to store and carry around.
• Detachable cables allows for less tangling
• Sturdy and durable
• Light weight


  • Some level of discomfort from the headphones when worn for a long time.