Beats by Dre Studio Review

 Dr Dre Beats Studio

Beats by Dr Dre Studio hi-def noise cancelling headphones are very attractive. The ear cups are well-cushioned with plush materials and are aerated. They also come with a factory-fitted cable which has a built-in call answer button and a microphone that both guarantee an effortless switch from watching movies or listening to sound clips to answering phone calls. There is a button on the outside of the right ear cup that serves the same function as the pause command on music players.

The whole package comprises of an airplane adapter and a home audio system adapter cable. Important to know also; they function on alkaline batteries. Our Beats Studio noise cancelling headphones review takes your through the unique features of this headphones, important buying information and hot to buy them from Amazon at good rates.

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Beats by Dre Studio Review – Standout Features:

Noise Cancellation

These headphones have an awesome noise cancellation feature. They are recommended on every noise cancelling headphones review site and are definitely a top product in the league of noise cancelling headphones. A product that fulfills its promise of serving you is totally worth the buy!

Build Quality and Design

This headphone is built with advanced materials that make it stand out among other noise cancelling headphones. Beats by Dr Dre Studio noise cancelling headphones is a sturdy piece built with scratch-resistant finish which keeps it looking good even after a long time of use.

The 3-way folding design makes packing easy, with the possibility to safely tucking the headphone for storage without its carry case. The included touring case is ruggedly constructed for better protection of your headphones.

Style is the greatest selling point of Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones after its noise cancelling impact. You will be sure to turn heads and attract compliments, oohs and aahs just by wearing a pair of these headphones. They are simply awesome and about the only noise cancelling headphones that comes in various color variation just like candies. If style and color is your thing, this is the headphones to go for.

noise cancelling headphones review


Stylish as they may be, uncomfortable headphones are big DON’Ts. You would want to enjoy every inch of your music, especially when you pay so much money to guarantee this. Beats by Dr Dre Studio noise cancelling headphones put some of pressure on the ears and this could make listening somehow uncomfortable.

Sound Quality

The Beats by Dr Dre Studio hi-def noise cancelling headphones perform great in the sound quality department. From the stables of a musician who knows the importance of every note of music, I am impressed at that these headphones and the delivered quality of sound. There are different views in many noise cancelling headphones reviews but overall, the sound that streams from the headphones is the real deal. These headphones have been found to leak some sound when in use.

Battery Life

The average battery life of the Dr Dre Beats Studio noise cancelling headphones is about 20 hours.

Beats by Dre Studio Features

  • Monster Cable Wired. Advanced Monster Cable headphone cable with Quadripole 4 twisted pair construction reduces signal loss for balanced sound and clarity.
  • Micro Minijack. Compact connector design reduces bulk and eases unnecessary strain that can damage headphone connectors and ports.
  • Push To Listen. Integrated mute button lets you listen to the outside world without removing your Beats.
  • Folding Design. Beats fold into a compact shape for easy packing wherever you’re going.
  • Touring Case. Rugged case with rigid construction keeps Beats and accessories safe during transport.
  • Monster CleanCloth. Ultra-soft cleaning cloth with AEGIS® microbe shield keeps Beats looking good and controls germs on your ear cushions.
  • Scratch-Resistant Gloss Finish. Advanced materials make Beats stand out from the crowd, and keep them looking good.


Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Review

What’s in the Box

  • Beats Studio headphones
  • Monster Cable headphone cable
  • Monster iSoniTalk iPhone enabled headphone cable
  • Rigid Tour case
  • Anti-Microbial Cleaning cloth
  • 1/8 to 1/4″ Adapter
  • Two AAA batteries


  • Sleek design (with Dr Dre’s name on it).
  • Headphone cord is only on one side.
  • Headphones are collapsible when stored.
  • Impressive Bass. Best for bass lovers.
  • Amplifies sound for portable mp3 players/iPod
  • Noise cancellation
  • Stylish/glossy finish design (great packaging/presentation)
  • Leather cushion/material feels high quality/comfortable
  • Nice solid case for storing the headphones
  • Quick mute button on the right side of the headphone (the Beat logo) by holding it.


  • Pressure is mounted on the ears when in use.
  • Sound leakage from headphones.
  • Frail framework.
  • Headphones do not have enough surround sound.
  • They cannot be used at all without batteries.

What buyers are saying about Beats by Dr Dre Studio Headphones

  • I once worked for a certain popular computer company and have had the opportunity to test a wide variety of earphones, earbuds and headphones, but few have impressed me as much as Dr Dre Beats Studio.
  • I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a good set of headphones that doesn’t mind the bulk that goes along with them. Don’t get them if you’re rough on your gear or if you’re depending on excellent noise cancellation and no noise leakage. (As I said, despite the fact that they cup over your ears, sound does still leak. Sorry, Librarians of the world.) They’re great-sounding headphones that made what I thought were great entry-level Etymotic earphones sound sub-par when I went back to them after a while. (For when I can’t carry around these big headphones.)
  • I just got my pair today and you hear hella more background noise than other headphones. also the voices sound soo much clearer in most songs it almost sounds like your ears are the mic they are singing/rapping/whatever into.
Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones has over 400 reviews on Amazon with almost 200 users giving it an amazing 5 star rating.